Lolita Von Stoff Zapatillas Edición Limitada Logo

Deliverables: Logo

Services: Brand Identity

About: Lolita Von Stoff is a brand of limited edition canvas sneakers made in Spain.

Creative Thinking: Lolita Von Stoff’s logo was actually my winning entry among 466 design concepts between 90 designers on Crowdspring crowdsourcing platform. While brainstorming for the project, I wanted to focus on just the name Lolita and the feeling that the brand represents. The feeling of being feminine but also girly and playful, the feeling of owing something creative & unique, the feeling of having something in your wardrobe “made in Spain”.

As a designer, films and music often inspire my work. My main inspiration for the Logo of Lolita Von Stoff was actually the film by Stanley Kubrick named “Lolita”. If you see the poster of that film, the main protagonist Lolita wears her signature “red heart shaped” glasses. The red heart on the logo is actually paying homage to those glasses. The heart represents Lolita and her playful, girly nature but also symbolizes the idea of owing a pair of unique shoes that you instantly fall in love with! The piece of string attached to the red heart (like on a balloon) is actually a shoelace.

The choice of a playful font and the red/black color combination of the logo was also inspired by the work of Spanish Film Director “Pedro Almodovar”. Pedro loves the color red in his movies and his movie posters often use quirky fonts and playful strokes as well. Apart from Yellow, Red is actually the main color of the Spanish flag which is a perfect suit for the logo as the products are made in Spain.

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